Classical Electromagnetic Theory I

Professor Thomas Curtright
PHY650, Section HI
14 January - 10 May 2008
MWF 3:35-4:50 room 203
Grade = HW + Midterm  + Final

Electrostatics, magnetostatic, Maxwell's equations, continuous media, waves, antennas, resonant cavities, wave guides.  More or less ...

Home Work is due as assigned in class.
Midterm Exam, either in-class, 3:35-4:50 pm, Friday, 7 March, or take-home (to be decided).
Final Exam,
either in-class, 3:35-4:50 pm, Friday, 2 May, or take-home (to be decided).

Required text:  W. Panofsky and M. Phillips, Classical Electricity and Magnetism, 2nd edition (Dover, 2005).

This is not the usual book used for graduate E&M.  The more common choice is Jackson (see other textbooks).  Of course, you may also buy Jackson or other texts, if you have the means, and you are encouraged to read other books if you have the time.  In my opinion, Jackson is a great reference.  It is a classic treatise on the subject.  But I think it is not the best textbook for students.  In any case, we hope to cover the material in Panofsky and Phillips Chapters 1-14, and also Chapter 24.  We will go through a systematic discussion of relativistic effects, and formalism, in PHY651.

Homework and graded problems:
These will be due about one or two weeks after being assigned in lecture.

Other reading material:
    Some other textbooks.
    Some of my notes.
    A bit of history is here:  Maxwell and Riemann

The content of the course is given, in summary, by the Lorentz force law
and Maxwell's equations:


An exact expression for the Coulomb constant is: MATH