PHY 752 & 753 notes:

Orbits and vector fields
Exotic orbits (the "infinity" and the "pretzel") about two fixed attractive charge centers
Yukawa potential
Yukawa charged shell discontinuity
Line segments in 3D (also available on the e-print arXiv)
Line segments in other D
The shell theorem in electrostatics and Newtonian gravity
Uniform charge superpositions
Uniformly charged circular disk --- in the plane of the disk
Uniformly polarized sphere
Uniformly polarized and magnetized spheres
Energy in Linear Media
Fourier series and transform examples
Green function for grounded sphere
Bessel functions
Plane waves and all that
Cylinder Green functions
Cylinder capacitance
Capacitance of a cube
Vector potentials
Moving ellipsoidal conductors
Time-dependent straight line charge and current
Wire and cone
Scattering from spheres