Electricity and Magnetism
University Physics III     PHY207


If you encounter a challenging integral, and you don't have a reference book, you might try using The Integrator.

(0)  Vector field plots (in PDF) for monopole and dipole.
(1)  Electric field for line, ring, and disk.  (in PDF) (in LaTex)
(2)  Obtaining the electric field for a spherical shell. (in PDF) (in LaTex)
(3)  Electric field and potential for point charge and spherical shell.  (in PDF) (in LaTex)
(4)  Circular motion in a magnetic field. (in PDF) (in LaTex)
(5)  Magnetohydrodynamic and other unconventional generators. (from Britannica Online)
(6)  A filter circuit problem, solved using complex numbers. (in PDF) (in LaTex)

If you have "font" problems while trying to view any of these, one solution is to download and install (for free!!!) the Scientific Notebook Viewer, as described here.  This installs in your computer a few fonts which should eliminate your viewing problems.

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