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Physics Department
P.O. BOX 248046
University of Miami
Coral Gables, FL 33124

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My office is room 311 in the James L. Knight Physics Building, on the Coral Gables campus.


As a Professor here at the University of Miami, I have two main activities:
  • Teaching

    Each semester I have been teaching either an undergraduate (Psc 101, Phy 101, Phy 321, Phy 350, Phy 351, Phy 515) or graduate (Phy 517, Phy 540, Phy 560, Phy 561, Phy 612, Phy 616, Phy 670, Phy 671) course, as well as a discussion section of introductory physics (Phy 101, Phy 102, Phy 205). (See Undergraduate Physics Courses and Graduate Physics Courses for brief descriptions, and Physics Schedules for the current course offerings.) While the 100- and 200- level courses have large enrollments (up to 150), the discussion sections are smaller (up to 30), and the upper-level courses are quite small (5-10), and there is ample opportunity for student-teacher interaction.

  • Research

    While in graduate school at the University of Chicago, I worked on string theory, and I received a PhD in 1982 (two years before the 1984 string revolution). I continued working on string theory and quantum field theory (as a postdoc at Brandeis University and at the University of Washington, and then as a faculty member here in Miami) until the end of that decade. My research interests then turned to integrable quantum spin chains and integrable quantum field theories. Currently I am studying integrability in string theory.

    For a brief introduction (beginning graduate student level) to some of the concepts which play a key role in the current understanding of integrable models (the Yang-Baxter equation, the Quantum Inverse Scattering Method, and the Bethe ansatz), please see my spin chain primer.

    Lists of my research publications and NSF grants.