Carolyne Marina Van Vliet


Anno Domini 2010,  8 February, Physics Department, University of Miami.




 Name (as used):            Carolyne M. Van Vliet


 Birth place:                 Dordrecht, The Netherlands


 Home telephone:         (305) 232-7576


 Office telephone:         (305) 284-2325X8


Academic rank:              Adjunct Professor of Physics, University of Miami


Other Appointments:    Professor Emerita in Theoretical Physics, Département de physique;

                                       membre Centre de recherches mathématiques, université de Montréal


Citizenship:                   U.S.A. (naturalized 1967)




Degrees:                       University and Fields                                             Year           


        B.S.                        Free University of Amsterdam                               1949         

                                       Physics and Mathematics


        M.A.                      Free University of Amsterdam                               1953



        Ph.D.                      Free University of Amsterdam                               1956           

                                       Physics  (cum laude)

                                       Thesis: “Current Fluctuations in Semiconductors and Photoconductors”  





 Academic Institutions:


2001- present:                Adjunct Professor of Physics, University of Miami, Miami FL33124


1992-2000                     Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 

                                       Florida International University, Miami, Florida, U.S.A.


1969-1995                     Professor of Theoretical Physics and Senior Research Member

                                       Centre de recherches mathématiques, Université de Montréal, QC      Canada.


1986-1988                     Visiting Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering,

(Spring or summer)         University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, U.S.A.


1978-1984                     Visiting Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering,

(Spring)                          University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, U.S.A.


1977                               Visiting Professor, Department of Physics,

(Spring)                          University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.                     


1974                               Visiting Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering,

(Winter and Fall)             University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, U.S.A.      


1970-1965                     Professor, Department of Physics, University of Minnesota,

                                       Minneapolis, MN 55515, USA


1968                               Visiting Professor, Institute for Theoretical Physics,

(Spring)                          University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.         


1960-1965                     Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering

                                       University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55515, U.S.A.


1958-1960                     Conservator and Asst. Professor, Department of Physics

                                       Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


1957-1958                     Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Department,

                                       University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55515, U.S.A.


1956-1957                     Postdoctoral Fellow, Electrical Engineering Department,

                                       University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55515, U.S.A.


1953-1956                     Research Fellow, Physics (in conjunction with NV Philips, Eindhoven),

                                       Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


1949-1953                     Teaching Assistant, Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.




See List of Publications attached. (Only refereed articles and some major conference papers are                      





Last held Research grants: 1. Future Aerospace Science and Technology Center, Noise studies  in III-V GaxNAl1-xN  MODFETs, 1995-2002,  AF-OSR,  Bolling AFB, Washington, DC,

         (Co-Principal  Investigator).

         2. Defect levels and noise in infrared cadmium-mercury telluride, 1996-98, Wright         Laboratory, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio, (Principal Investigator). $ 150,000.                                   

         3. Fluctuations, Relaxation and Transport in Solids, National Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Ottawa (principal Investigator); 1990-1994.


Previous grants: 1960-1996 (all years, except 1992-1994): NSF, ONR, AF-OSR, NSERC (Ottawa), FCAR (Quebec).                                                   


Honors and Awards




     Marquis' Who's Who in America

     Marquis' Who's Who in Frontiers of Science and Technology

     American Men and Women of Science




     Fellow Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 1991

     Life-Fellow Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 1996


     Named  Professor Emerita, Département de Physique, Université de Montréal


     Fulbright Scholar, 1956-1958, University of Minnesota, USA.




Editorial responsibilities:


     Member, Board of Editors, Physica Status Solidi (a), Berlin, until 2000.


     Reviewer for numerous Journals (Phys. Rev. A, Phys. Rev. B, Phys. Rev. E,  Phys. Rev.

     Lett, Physica A, Physica B, Solid-St. Electronics, Trans. Electron Dev. and others).


Societies and memberships:


     IEEE (Fellow),  American Physical Society,  American Mathematical Society (R.I.),  New

    York Academy of Sciences.


Research Interests:


     Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics: Linear and Nonlinear Response Theory, Quantum

         Transport in Condensed matter, Fluctuations and Stochastic processes; Electronic Behaviour in Submicron Quantum Structures of Reduced Dimensionality.


     Quantum Electrodynamics: Infrared Divergences; Diagrammatic Representation.



Graduate Students:


     Florida International University: Yuping Chen (Electrical Eng.): Nichols Paul (M.S.); R.S.

     Duran (M.S., Ph.D.),  Andres Barrios, (Ph.D.).


     University of Montreal (Theoretical Physics):  M. Charbonneau (Ph.D.), P. Vasilopoulos

     (Ph.D.), T. Samson (Ph.D.), A. K. Huisso (Ph.D.) and F. Benamira (Ph.D.).


     University of Florida (Electrical Engineering) 1978-1984: ~ 12 Ph.D.


     University of Minnesota (1960-1969): Ph.D. degree: W. S. Khokle, J. R. Fassett, J. E. Hill;

     M. B. Colligan, Damodar Pai, P. Herzfeld, H. S. Min, M. Tarng, R. Sharma.


     Free University of Amsterdam (1958-1960), Co-Advisor:  F. M. Klaassen, B. Bramer.


International Cooperations and Conferences organized




     Many, some resulting in joint grants (with A. D'Amico, University of Rome, "Tor Vergate",

     Nato Grant, 1987/1988; with L. Reggiani, Modena, Italy, Grant Consiglio Nazionale di

     Ricerches, 1989, 1990).


Conferences organized:


     Statistical Physics at the 45th Parallel.

         This series of conferences involved annual meetings in the Fall of US and Canadian universities near the 45th parallel. In the US: Clarkson (Potsdam NY), Rochester NY, Syracuse NY, and sometimes Boston University, MA.  In Canada: Sherbrooke QC, McGill QC, U of Montreal QC, Concordia QC, U of Ottawa ON and Carlton University ON.  The first one was at Clarkson (1987) and so was the third one (1989).  The second (1988) and the fourth (1990) were in Montreal and organized by me. In 1991 the venue was in Ottawa and in 1996 in Syracuse.  From the 3rd Conference onwards, the abstracts and the programs were published in the J. of Statistical Physics (Springer), Joel Lebowitz, Editor.


     International Conference on Noise in Physical Systems.

         This series of conferences started in 1966, Nottingham, UK, and were triennial until 1987.  The 1987 conference was organized by me and held at the U of Montreal.  These were large gatherings with 130-160 participants from thirty or more countries, some from the USSR and ‘East block’.  For the 1987 conference, I compiled the Proceedings, published by World Scientific Publ. Co. [“Ninth International Conference on Noise in Physical Systems”, C.M. Van Vliet, Ed., Montréal, May 25-29, 1987, WSPC, Singapore and New Jersey].  After 1987 these conferences were biennial.  I was in the International Advisory Committee until 1999 (Hong Kong).  I have given invited papers on nearly all conferences, the last paper being in 2001 (Gainesville, FL, USA).    


     Workshops on the Physics of Semiconductor Devices, India, New Delhi.

         I have been a member of the International Advisory Committee from 1993-2001 and have been on the Local Organizing Committee of several; on most of them I was an invited speaker.


Conferences attended and papers given:


     I have given numerous invited and contributed papers at symposia and regular meetings of various Societies, but have not kept track of them over a research career of fifty+ years.  I have attended many of the biennial international meetings in the series “Physics of Semiconductors”, starting with the second one held in Amsterdam in 1954, as well as of the triennial meetings on “Statistical Physics” (“STATPHYS”), e.g. # 14 in Edmonton, AB, 1980, # 17 in Rio de Janeiro, 1989 , # 20 in Paris, 1998. My papers given at these series can be found in the respective Proceedings.




Numerous courses in Physics, especially in Statistical Mechanics (Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium), Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Mathematical Physics, for graduate and undergraduate students.


I have also extensively lectured in other departments, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Materials Science.